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We are undisputably the #1 brand for lab grown diamonds in Singapore and the world. Based in Orchard, and with a stock on hand of over 400 lab diamonds in Singapore we have everything you need covered. Our team, comprising expert gemmologists and leading jewellery designers, is dedicated to helping with comprehensive guidance throughout your journey to the diamond ring of your dreams.


Locally Based and Only Company to Stock Over 400 Premium Lab Diamonds in Singapore

Lets explore and dive in to this guide: What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are the undisputed ethical choice compared to mined diamonds. Created in laboratories using advanced technology, they are formed through the same fundamental principles required for natural diamonds: heat, pressure, and carbon. The process to create these lab grown diamonds takes only a matter of weeks, yet they replicate every characteristic of a natural diamond, both visually and chemically thus rendering them indistinguishable in terms of appearance and composition.

Identical To A Mined Diamond

Even the best trained and discerning gemmologists
in the world can’t tell the difference.

Eco-Friendly And Conflict Free

The only ethical choice when
selecting a diamond.

Best Value For Money

A bigger and better diamond
for a fraction of the cost.

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Lab Grown Diamonds Singapore Guide What makes buying a lab diamond from Novita Diamonds so special?

The founder of Novita Diamonds, Iris Arnold, had the foresight to revolutionize the diamond industry for the greater good. Thanks to her trailblazing initiatives, the company has expanded globally and now operates in eight countries across four continents, with more growth on the horizon. Arnold's relentless commitment to empowering women is evidenced by the fact that an impressive 85% of Novita's workforce are women.

By choosing to purchase a lab grown diamond from Novita Diamonds in Singapore, not only are you getting a top-notch product, but you're also contributing to essential causes. Your support for lab grown diamonds translates to women's empowerment, preservation of ecosystems, and the fight against blood diamonds. Additionally, opting for lab grown diamonds can save you money that would otherwise be spent on mining, which can have a devastating impact on the environment and numerous people's livelihoods.

If you're interested in learning more about ethical diamonds and the unacceptable cost of blood diamonds to our planet and its vulnerable inhabitants, be sure to check out our blog.

How to choose the perfect lab diamond in Singapore?

Novita Diamonds has been instrumental in helping numerous clients in Singapore realize their dream of owning a lab grown diamond. We provide support through our state-of-the-art, user-friendly website or by visiting our specialized showrooms, which are conveniently located in the heart of Singapore. To find out more about our new products check out lab grown diamonds rings page.

To make browsing our website easier, we recommend visiting our Start With A Diamond Page, where you'll find the "Available in Showroom" tab. This section features a collection of the finest hand-picked lab grown diamonds available in Singapore. Our team of local expert gemmologists has meticulously curated this list, tirelessly sorting through thousands of diamonds to ensure that we offer only the best options to you. To learn more about our "Available in Showroom" diamonds, make sure to check out our informative video.

Why should I get a lab grown diamond in Singapore?

Lab diamonds in Singapore are increasingly popular among the increasingly informed buyers for several compelling reasons:

How much does a lab diamond cost?

Lab grown diamonds are significantly more affordable than their mined counterparts. For example, a round 1.00CT D VS1 lab diamond currently costs just $ 1,018, which is around 80% less than the cost of a natural diamond which is around $5,074. This is why more and more consumers are choosing lab grown diamonds. Another example is a round 2.00CT E VS1 lab diamond, which costs just $3,058 if you were to buy a natural diamond would cost around $15,290. To browse thousands of diamonds that we have available locally in Singapore and internationally, please visit our select a diamond page.

What do I need to know when buying a lab diamond in Singapore?

It's essential to recognize that lab diamonds in Singapore are distinct from diamond simulants. Regrettably, some dodgy companies market imitation diamonds, claiming real diamonds, so be cautious when buying. These firms may use deceptive marketing terms such as "synthetic diamonds," "artificial diamonds," "moissanite," "cubic zirconia," "crystals," and "diamond simulants," attempting to present their products as lab created diamonds. When shopping for an engagement ring, it's vital to be cautious and ensure that you are buying a genuine lab created diamond. Given that an engagement ring represents a significant investment, in both money and commitment, taking the time to read reviews and conduct thorough research is all the more important to not make such a costly mistake.

In Singapore, lab grown diamonds are also known by several terms, including "Manufactured Diamonds," "Cultured Diamonds Singapore," "Above Earth Diamonds," "Mine-Free Diamonds," "Ethical Diamonds," "CVD Diamonds," "HPHT Diamonds," and more. While these alternative names might initially seem confusing, they all refer to the same type of product. Therefore, it's vital to ensure you're getting a genuine lab grown diamond when shopping for an engagement ring.

Finally, Novita Diamonds, with its online and physical jewellery stores, specializes in both CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) diamonds. Our range includes products certified by GIA and IGI, along with a wide selection of diamond jewellery such as earrings, wedding bands, custom-made wedding rings for both women and men, studs, tennis bracelets, bespoke engagement rings, necklaces, pendants, proposal rings, unique and designer engagement rings, and handmade engagement rings.

How to purchase a lab grown diamond in Singapore?

Novita Diamonds is committed to providing you with a hassle-free and stress-free experience when it comes to purchasing a lab grown diamond engagement ring in Singapore. Our team of expert gemmologists takes care of the task of curating and categorizing lab diamonds for you, ensuring that you receive the best possible product. We offer two easy ways to purchase: by visiting our showroom in Singapore or by using our user-friendly online platform. Our platform allows you to easily choose the shape, size, and other desired characteristics of your diamond, and we offer a list of all available lab created diamonds in Singapore and worldwide. You can select from our stunning collection of ring settings or choose to purchase the diamond alone. Furthermore, we offer a 20% deposit option to all customers, making it even simpler to purchase the ring of your dreams. To learn more about our deposit option, make sure to watch our "20% deposit video" available on our website.

Do lab diamonds change colour?

No, they do not. The rumour that lab created diamonds change colour over time is false. It was a fabrication spread by the diamond mining industry. This false claim was debunked when the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) began certifying lab grown diamonds, joining the International Gemmological Institute (IGI) in doing so. This means that the two largest gemmological authorities in the world would not certify any stone that might change in appearance over time. For an in-depth report, our expert gemmologists have written an excellent article called lab grown diamonds are forever.

Are lab diamonds ethical?

Lab grown diamonds are currently the only truly ethical option available on the market. Prior to their introduction, consumers had no choice but to purchase mined diamonds, which are notorious for causing environmental damage and for their association with conflict or blood diamonds. With lab grown diamonds, there is no need for mining and no risk of purchasing a conflict diamond. To learn more about this topic, we invite you to visit our educational page on why lab grown diamonds or check out our blog post, is the diamond Kimberley process a flop? Our blog offer valuable insights into the diamond industry that you won't find anywhere else. At Novita Diamonds, we always strive to provide you with the most up-to-date information and insights.

Are lab diamonds better than mined diamonds?

Since the introduction of man made diamonds to the market, it has become clear that they are superior to mined diamonds in every aspect. For one, consumers can save on average 75% while still receiving a product of the same quality. Additionally, due to cutting-edge technological advances, lab grown diamonds do not have the conventional problems that are often associated with mined diamonds. For more detailed information, please refer to our article why lab grown diamonds are better than mined diamonds, written by our expert gemmologists.

IGI vs GIA in lab grown diamonds – What are the differences?

Both GIA and IGI are reputable laboratories, but our gemmologists recommend IGI for those looking to purchase lab grown diamonds. IGI was an early adopter and has since become the leading authority in diamond certifications. As a result, there is a wider range of lab grown diamonds to choose from with IGI, and their prices are generally better than GIA's. Another important factor to consider is that GIA does not provide printed hard copy certificates, whereas IGI provides both printed and online certificates. For more info check our blog GIA vs IGI.

Lab created diamonds VS moissanites - What are the differences?

Moissanites cannot be compared to diamonds and do not come close to resembling them. Firstly, moissanites cannot be created in true white colours. Secondly, they have a rainbow-like sparkle that makes them look like costume jewellery. Thirdly, all moissanites have double refraction, which makes them look unusual to the eye no matter how they are cut or polished. For a comprehensive comparison between diamonds and moissanites, please refer to our blog post, Diamonds VS Moissanites: the Truths and the Lies, where we discuss all the main differences between the two.

Can I use a moissanite tester to test lab diamonds?

No. You cannot use a moissanite tester to test for the presence of moissanites because these testers are only designed to detect the presence of boron. Boron is used in the manufacturing of moissanites as well as in the process of creating lab grown diamonds. As a result, using a moissanite tester to test a lab grown diamond will produce a false reading.

In Summary

The primary distinction between man made diamonds and mined diamonds is their price, and nothing else. The savings? On average, purchasing a lab grown diamond in Singapore can save you about 75%. Additionally, they are the only diamonds that can be confidently said to be entirely eco-friendly and conflict-free. If you're concerned about inadvertently supporting environmental harm or human rights violations, it's crucial to buy diamonds from a company that exclusively specializes in lab diamonds in Singapore, rather than from one that deals in both lab grown and mined diamonds. This ensures that your purchase aligns with ethical and sustainable practices. Contact us today to initiate your quest for the ultimate lab grown diamond ring.

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• Can I save 75% by getting a lab grown diamond?

Absolutely! Lab grown diamonds can cost 75% less on average than mined diamonds of comparable quality. This price discrepancy results from the higher expense of mining diamonds from the earth compared to growing them in a lab. After they are extracted, both mined and lab grown diamonds undergo identical processes, including cutting, polishing, grading, certification, and transportation. As a result, the price gap between the two is exclusively a reflection of their respective production costs for rough diamonds and not due to any differences in processing.

• Should I deal with a lab diamond specialist company?

To sum up, yes, the most effective way to secure a good deal on lab grown diamonds in Singapore is by purchasing from a specialized company that exclusively deals in them. Specialized companies can offer superior service and products, making it beneficial to deal with them directly when interested in buying or learning more about lab grown diamonds.


• Are lab grown diamonds real?

Undoubtedly, lab grown diamonds are genuine diamonds. They are created through the same chemical reactions and physical processes that occur naturally within the Earth, but in a controlled laboratory environment. This process involves the gradual accumulation of carbon atoms around a diamond crystal, increasing its size. Lab made diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds, thus scientifically recognized as real diamonds. Both IGI and GIA, the leading authorities on diamonds, grade lab diamonds using the same scale and methodologies as mined diamonds. For more information, you can explore our about lab diamonds page.

• How much cheaper are lab diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are considerably more affordable than mined diamonds. The price difference varies depending on factors such as size, quality, and type, but typically, lab made diamonds are about 75% less expensive than natural diamonds. The reason for this is that the cost of producing rough laboratory grown diamonds is much lower than that of mining and removing rough natural diamonds from the earth. However, to become retail-ready, a rough diamond must go through all the same processes, including cutting, polishing, and certification, regardless if it is mined or lab grown diamonds; they undergo the same processes.

To point up the significant savings you can expect, consider this example: If a mined diamond costs S$ 10,000, a comparable lab grown diamond would only cost around S$ 2,500. This price difference highlights how buying a lab grown diamond over a mined one can be done without braking the bank.

• Do lab diamonds test as diamonds?

Yes they do when being tested with a diamond tester. All lab created diamonds are tested using the same methods as natural diamonds; there are no differences between two. Diamonds, whether they are mined or made, possess a variety of unique properties, including hardness, refractive index, and thermal conductivity. Lab made diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds, so they will exhibit the same properties and characteristics when tested.

• Do lab grown diamonds have inclusions?

Just as in natural diamonds, inclusions are also present in most lab diamonds. Inclusions are natural imperfections that are found within diamonds, and they can occur in both lab and natural diamonds. Inclusions can take many forms, such as tiny bubbles or carbon deposits trapped inside the diamond as it formed. Just like natural diamonds, most diamonds created in labs have flaws, and only very few become flawless. Check out our guide to the  4Cs for more information about diamond clarity.

• Can I insure lab grown diamond rings?

Yes insurers will insure lab made diamond rings the same way they would mined diamond rings, because are treated exactly the same as mined diamonds. When you visit us you can ask our team for guidance they will be happy to assist you. Keep in mind, your insurance policy will typically cover the cost of replacing or repairing your item if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Make sure you read the terms of your insurance policy carefully, so you know what it covers and what it does not.


• Why not all retailers deal with lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds in Singapore and other countries have been adopted at a slower pace, mainly due to the resistance from the mining industry, which has been in full swing since the introduction of lab made diamonds. It's typical for any industry to resist disruption. Currently, most large high-end brands do not offer lab created diamonds, and it's unlikely to change in the near future.

• Why GIA does not provide printed certificates for lab diamonds?

Currently, the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) only offers electronic certificates for lab created diamonds. Experts believe that this is an attempt to downgrade the value of lab diamonds in consumers' eyes. GIA was slow to enter the lab created diamond market due to politics, and this delay cost them dearly, leaving them in second place forever. As a result, the International Gemmological Institute (IGI) became the undisputed global leader in certifying lab diamonds. Check out the full story to learn more about the GIA VS IGI saga.



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