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We warmly welcome you to Novita Diamonds, your one-stop solution for everything related to diamonds. We are a proudly female owned and led company, allowing us to connect with our customers and provide them with a complete and fulfilling shopping experience.

Novita Diamonds is the largest retailer of lab diamond engagement rings in Singapore and one of the most prominent players in the worldwide diamond market. As a result of our strong buying power, we are able to source our man made diamonds directly from the manufacturers and offer unmatched wholesale diamond prices directly to our customers. We work tirelessly to ensure you only receive the highest quality diamonds at the best possible price.

Considering buying a beautiful diamond ring or jewellery?Confused between lab grown and mined diamonds?

There are three compelling reasons why so many people choose cultured diamonds over mined diamonds.
1. THE PRICE - for the first time ever, lab created diamonds unlocks your ability to get the perfect diamond ring you have always dreamed about without breaking the bank!
2. IDENTICAL IN EVERY WAY, DOWN TO THE ATOMS - Lab Diamonds and Mined Diamonds are identical in more than just the look and feel. They are physically and chemically the same.
3. ETHICALLY AND CONFLICT FREE - All our lab diamonds are ethically made in sophisticated labs and, therefore, 100% conflict-Free. By avoiding all the pitfalls and negative consequences of mining, lab grown diamonds are naturally eco-conscious, making them the only truly ethical diamonds in the market.


Sadly, there are a growing number of scams related to the diamond market. Always be sceptical of platforms and retailers trying to sell you diamond imitations. Most use vague and misleading buzzwords such as round brilliant, synthetic diamonds, artificial, moissanite, cubic zirconia, crystals, and diamond simulants, to make them sound like real manufactured diamonds. However, none of those clever terms refers to real diamonds, often taking many new buyers by surprise. Only buy from trusted and proven diamond retailers as an engagement ring is far too important to not get it right the first time. Take your time, read reviews, and, most importantly, make sure you are purchasing an authentic certified diamond. In contrast, there are specific alternative labels for real lab made diamonds and NOT simulants: Manufactured Diamonds, Lab Created Diamonds, Cultured Diamonds, Above Earth Diamonds, Mine-Free Diamonds, Ethical Diamonds, CVD diamonds and HPHT diamonds. All of them mean the same thing as a man made diamond.

Gemmologist Note: Synthetic diamonds is a term also used to describe manufactured diamonds; however, there are websites out there using synthetic diamonds as a term, but instead delivering cubic zirconia. To err on the side of caution, it's always better to avoid any synthetic ‘diamonds’.
Our state of the art, but thoughtfully designed to be user friendly, platform simplifies the process of finding your man made diamond engagement ring into an enjoyable and seamless experience. If you happen to live in any of the following countries; UK, Australia, NZ, Germany or Singapore, we currently have or are in the process of opening new showrooms in those locations. You have the flexibility and freedom to either book a virtual appointment or visit any of our showrooms by booking a live appointment. Either way, you can see and compare the large variety of expertly curated lab created diamonds and matching ring designs that we have available.

Booking an appointment is refreshingly simple, whether at our jewellery store or virtually through Zoom. One of our gemmologists or talented designers will then expertly guide you through the process of finding the best lab grown diamond ring for you or your loved one. Or if you prefer to call or message us, our friendly staff are always on hand to guide you online through the process if you ever need any assistance or additional information.

In summary, Novita’s online and physical jewellery stores specialise in both CVD and HPHT diamonds, GIA lab made diamonds, IGI lab made diamonds, lab created diamond earrings, diamond wedding bands, diamond wedding rings, custom made wedding rings, women’s wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, diamond earrings, diamond studs, diamond tennis bracelets, bespoke engagement ring, diamond necklaces, diamond pendants, proposal ring, unique engagement rings, designer engagement rings, diamond earrings, handmade engagement rings, diamond rings on sale, all diamond jewellery and loose cultured diamonds in all shapes and sizes.


• Are lab grown diamonds real?

Absolutely! There is no doubt that lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are created by the same kinds of chemical reactions and physical processes that occur naturally inside the earth but are grown in a controlled laboratory environment where the size of a diamond crystal increases with the accumulation of carbon atoms around it. Scientifically, lab stones are exactly the same as natural diamonds chemically, physically, and optically. They are therefore considered to be real diamonds. The two leading authorities on diamonds, coloured stones, and pearls, IGI and GIA, both grade lab diamonds using the same scale and methodologies used on mined diamonds. We have more information about lab diamonds on our about lab diamonds page.

• How much cheaper are lab diamonds?

The price of diamonds grown in laboratories is always significantly lower than that of diamonds mined from the earth. The exact price difference will depend on various factors such as the size, quality, and specific type of diamond, but on average, lab grown diamonds are around 75% cheaper than natural diamonds. The reason for this is that the cost of producing rough laboratory grown diamonds is much lower than that of mining and removing rough natural diamonds from the earth. However, to become retail-ready, a rough diamond must go through all the same processes, including cutting, polishing, and certification, regardless of whether it was mined or lab grown.

To give you an example of the massive savings you can achieve, if a mined diamond were to cost S$ 10,000, an equivalent laboratory diamond, meanwhile, would cost you S$ 2,500.

• Do lab diamonds test as diamonds?

Yes they do when being tested with a diamond tester. All lab created diamonds are tested using the same methods as natural diamonds; there are no differences between two. Diamonds, whether they are mined or made, possess a variety of unique properties, including hardness, refractive index, and thermal conductivity. Lab made diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds, so they will exhibit the same properties and characteristics when tested.

• Do lab grown diamonds have inclusions?

Just as in natural diamonds, inclusions are also present in most lab diamonds. Inclusions are natural imperfections that are found within diamonds, and they can occur in both lab and natural diamonds. Inclusions can take many forms, such as tiny bubbles or carbon deposits trapped inside the diamond as it formed. Just like natural diamonds, most diamonds created in labs have flaws, and only very few become flawless. Check out our guide to the 4Cs for more information about diamond clarity.

• Can I insure lab grown diamond rings?

Yes insurers will insure lab made diamond rings the same way they would mined diamond rings, because are treated exactly the same as mined diamonds. When you visit us you can ask our team for guidance they will be happy to assist you. Keep in mind, your insurance policy will typically cover the cost of replacing or repairing your item if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Make sure you read the terms of your insurance policy carefully, so you know what it covers and what it does not.


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