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Wholesale Diamonds Singapore

We are Singapore's largest wholesaler of lab grown diamonds while also being the fastest growing. We currently have over 400 local stones in stock right here in Singapore. If that's not enough, we have ready access to a massive library of over 90,000 stones worldwide. Our trade account is exclusively for those in the jewellery trade ONLY


  • We stock over 400 carefully curated stones In Singapore
  • Local company/Local stock - No overseas proxy
  • We value your time- guaranteed high-quality service
  • Flexible returns
  • Wholesale diamonds Singapore location
  • Free express delivery or visit us


Our specialised wholesale operation of lab grown diamonds is fully geared towards fulfilling every need and requirement of our customers by ensuring a seamless experience while providing the maximum support. Additionally, our office is conveniently located in Orchard.

Even before man made diamonds entered the market, we were able to identify their untapped potential to revolutionise the industry, resulting in us being one of its earliest adopters. Having been involved in the lab grown diamonds since the start, we have accumulated unmatched expertise and experience in this business

Please keep in mind that our wholesale diamonds Singapore operation and its accompanying specialised services are strictly limited to those in the jewellery trade. we sincerely apologise in advance for rejecting any application that does not qualify, as this must be done without exception to safeguard our clients in the trade and their high-volume orders

Therefore, if you qualify as a trade customer and are looking for lab diamonds wholesale in Singapore, please fill in the application in this page carefully. Once your application goes through, our team will do all the necessary checks to make sure you qualify for our wholesale diamond service. If everything is cleared, your login details will be activated, and you can immediately start placing orders via our portal, email or phone – Diamonds wholesale Singapore