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Jun 28, 2022
Before Proposing
How to keep your proposal a secret
There is nothing more romantic than a surprise proposal for a girl. Plan a proposal that she will love sharing with all of her girlfriends, family, and even the grandkids. Here are some tips you can easily follow in addition to things you should avoid. 
Purchase the ring using a different payment method if your partner has access to your card/bank balance. She might be able to tell if you are up to something by noticing a purchase of that size. In any case, this advice is applicable only if she has access to it; if not, there is nothing to be concerned about.
We recommend asking your parents or siblings for their credit cards or lending you money to make the purchase. You can pay them back afterwards.

There is something very exciting about proposals that can sometimes overpower people so that they may talk about it to others. It only takes one person to ruin that special surprise. If the secret leaks out to her through any means, the surprise you worked so hard for would certainly be ruined. Thus, you should keep the proposal to yourself and not mention it to her friend, sister, or mother.
You should keep the matter low-key and only share it with people she knows if absolutely necessary. You may need to inform her parents of your big decision, but not anyone else unless you feel their help is essential for the proposal. In this case, you'd be better off relying on your own friends. 


Almost every engagement ring website that you visit downloads a type of tracker without your knowledge when you visit their website. The trackers connect via Google to millions of sites and devices by a process known as re-marketing. As a result, their diamond ring ads will appear everywhere, like unwanted pimples. Such practices lead to secret engagement plans failing prematurely and are understandably annoying for everyone involved, especially you. For your benefit, our marketing team does not use any type of re-marketing, so this type of rage-inducing situation does not happen to you. 

If you visit sites other than Novita Diamonds, you will need to clear your history/cache each time to uninstall the trackers.


It is common for men to not think about this error. If you plan on buying a diamond engagement ring in-store, you should be aware that you will be there for 30 minutes to an hour. In addition, you need to take into account travel time, parking, etc. In most cases, only a single visit is required, but if you need a second or third, all your sudden but extended absence from home are unwanted but obvious clues. These very clues we mentioned here might be the final piece of the puzzle; she only needs to put two and two together, and you can kiss your surprise proposal goodbye. 

Consider visiting us during a time when you are already doing something, such as working, or when she is away. In the event that she goes out for dinner with her friends, you can always drop in one evening during the week.