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How to find out her ring finger. Size tips and myths
Oct 22, 2020

When planning a proposal, figuring out your future spouse’s finger size can sometimes be difficult when you want to keep the details a surprise. With this post, Novita provides a variety of solutions and options available for such situations.


You should only use this option if she already knows or if it’s a semi-surprise. In cities where our showrooms are not yet located, you can simply visit a local jewellery store. Although they can measure her finger accurately, if we have a showroom in your city or it is convenient for you to travel, please stop by to see us as this is the optimum solution.

Alternatively, you can order our free ring sizer if you are unable to visit a jewellery store or any of our showrooms.
TIP: Whether you use our free ring sizer or a third-party one, make sure it fits tight. Engagement rings are designed to be worn tight and difficult to take off.


We want every proposal to be joyful and worry-free, so we offer one free resizing with every engagement ring purchase.



You can let one of our experts handle the heavy lifting and take the guesswork out of the equation.

Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom with photos of your future fiancée, preferably ones that include her hands. The experienced member of our team will be able to estimate the suitable ring size, which we must stress is not an easy task. Nevertheless, after years of experience, our team became proficient at it. The proposal team will always suggest a slightly bigger size despite their expertise to ensure it fits on the proposal day. Once the big day is over, she can have her ring resized if it still feels too loose.

Option 2: 

It’s not the best approach, but it will give you a fairly reasonable estimate. If you can, try getting one of the rings she wears, but make sure it was not worn on the thumb or pinky. Here is a link that will allow you to download our ring sizer and measure the ring size. It is worth noting that the dominant hand usually fits one size bigger. Even though this isn’t the most reliable method, it still gives you an approximation that you can work with.

TIP: You should always go one size larger than what you think her finger is. You could be in for quite an unpleasant surprise on the day of your proposal when you find out that the ring only fits her up to the knuckle. Engagement rings that look out of place on the finger are less likely to be instagramable and shown off to friends and family.

ONE LAST TIP:  Rings with diamonds on the band are generally not able to be safely resized more than two sizes up or down. Resizing beyond two sizes is possible, but it complicates the process and generates additional costs in labour and material. You should also keep in mind that resizing down is more manageable than resizing up.