May 31, 2021
Diamonds VS white sapphires
We decided to have one of our top gemologists write a short yet insightful article explaining the differences between diamonds and white sapphires and why engagement rings, which are supposed to last a lifetime, shouldn't be made with them.
White sapphires do not reflect light back, unlike diamonds.
Essentially, diamonds are like mirrors when viewed from the top, reflecting all the light surrounding them back to the observer. This means that you cannot see through a diamond when you look at it from the top. A white sapphire, on the other hand, does not reflect light back as the light simply passes through the stone.
White sapphires do not sparkle as diamonds do.
In the same way that white sapphires don't reflect light, they don't sparkle like diamonds. There is a significant difference between the appearance of white sapphires and diamonds that can be observed immediately with the naked eye.
White sapphires are not strong.
Although white sapphires are strong and hard to scratch, they cannot last forever like diamonds. The strength of white sapphires is not high enough to guarantee longevity in an engagement ring. If you were to use them as an engagement ring, the main stone would get chipped and scratched over time. Wearing it every day will allow it to last for about two to five years before it needs to be replaced since the white sapphire will have deteriorated in appearance over time. 

Diamonds, meanwhile, are the strongest natural material known to mankind; hence the term “Diamonds are Forever”.  


White sapphires are not cut the same as diamonds.

Since white sapphires are significantly cheaper than diamonds, they are not cut like diamonds. When they are cut, they are not subjected to the same level of detail and workmanship as diamonds. It's yet another noticeable difference between the two stones, and it significantly impacts the overall look of the stone

The price difference between white sapphires

As you know, lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in every way except for their price tag. There is a considerable difference between the price of white sapphires and natural diamonds. Fortunately, lab grown diamonds are readily available on the market, so you don't need to compromise. 

Tip: The glass on all expensive watches is made of white sapphire due to its clarity and resistance to scratches. Brands like Rolex, TAG, Omega, and AP are famous for using white sapphire for the glass.

Interesting find:

In recent years, more and more phone companies such as Apple are using white sapphire for the camera glass, and very rarely on the front screen, because they do not scratch easily. 


Use in the jewellery industry:

Over the years, we have found white sapphires are frequently used in Indian gold jewellery. The reason for this is that most white sapphires are cut in India and have a cost that is economical. However we anticipate in the near future that their will be a wider use of lab grown diamonds instead, as they gain more in popularity all over the world.